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!! OMG, music video round-up: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Valley Lodge, Patrick Wolf & Grizzly Bear !!

We interrupt this lazy Sunday for another round-up of indie music video wackiness featuring naked man furniture, a passionate pastoral romance, an astronaut with pancakes for a head and some stunning stop-motion animation.
First up is the Charlotte Gainsbourg/Beck duet “Heaven Can Wait” in which the French songstress and her impresario producer are inserted into a series of obscure Internet memes and found photos. This is the first single taken from the French singer’s forthcoming album, IRM, which was produced by Beck.

Of all the videos in today’s round-up, the premise of Valley Lodge’s “All My Loving” is the simplest: Imagine you arrived home from work and all your furniture was made out of beefcake-y naked men.Patrick Wolf co-directed this video which he describes as the “visual interpretation of the passionate romance between Damaris and Lewis, shot on location at Blackdown, West Sussex.” It costars actress Gwendoline Christie and there’s a hot make out scene at the end.In the world of music videos, is Grizzly Bear the new Bj√∂rk? They seem to work with all the best directors before everyone else. “Ready, Able” is directed by Allison Schulnik and is full of beautiful stop-motion animation.

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    Great stuff! It will give me some stuff yo let my friends know about this week on my blog.

    is this what music has become!? Why that was terrible, especially the last two.

    There was an error with the video that made the site display weirdly in IE. Sorry for any inconvenience! xo F

    a face like hers,a video like that-even beck can’t save me from dozing off to that tepid video.

    Where’s the rest? Is the front page messed up?

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