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!! OMG, Big Lights Will Inspire You! !!

So, like, this happened! On the the subway! No, I don’t have an explanation. Just letting you know!
View the full NSFW photo after the jump.

(Via Gawker)

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    Well, as the saying goes, “When in Romo…”
    That being said, the spectator should went over, slapped that ass, and then rubbed one out. lol

    Wow. Okay, who hasn’t gotten their freak on between stops? Only difference, its usually done when no one else is there. lol

    Wow, i’d so do this lol
    horny 24/7 me, better find a husband that can keep up haha, although being 18 and a virgin might have something to do with it haha

    Looks like someone’s getting an elevator ride around the block!

    Well that is better than what I saw on Saturday! A homeless man pooping on the train, I panicked and ran out at the next stop!

    OK, so, I ride the subway every single day and I’ve come to regard it as my second home and this kind of shit is exactly the reason why. Except, this exact thing has never happened in front of me, though, I have to say, I wish it had. I did see a man with his pants down and poo between his asscheeks once, though. Close, but different.
    Which train was that on, anyway?

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