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!! OMG, Cute Band Alert! !!

I’m a sucker for a boy with a guitar (bonus points for dirty boys w/ guitars!) so you would think I’d be all over this list of the “cutest boys in the music scene.” Too bad I haven’t heard of any of them, or the bands they’re in either. Also several of them look too young to vote drive ride the Cyclone! Perhaps this means that I’m getting old. But maybe they’re all totally famous to you guys? I don’t know! Tell me!
Pictured above is someone named “Matt” from something called “Ducktails.” I mean, at least he looks old enough to shave.
(Nashville’s Dead via The Awl.)

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    definitely think you posted the only cute one.

    Wow, who ever put that list together really likes the nerdy teenagers. All of those guys were just children! The only one I thought was cute was the guy on the left of picture #6, dark brown hair in the stripe shirt…and he was STILL way too young. depressing, the age thing becomes more and more apparant as the days go by.

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