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!! OMG gossip: It’s the dress Tom Cruise wanted to wear !!

Tom Cruise is living vicariously through Suri by dressing her up in a drag queen’s costume [more photos at dlisted]
Lindsay Lohan tries to channel Kate Moss for the new issue of Muse [socialite life]
Maybe she was trying to forget her sleepover with Jason Segel [allie]
Just how many mistresses did Tiger Woods have? [popeater]
OMG Brad Pitt is producing a new vampire movie! Isn’t that moment over yet? [insider]
Poor Cristiano Ronaldo got a yellow flag just for removing his shirt. Is that really a crime? [oh la la]
OMG Bachelor star Jesse Palmer naked threesome photo! [zack taylor]
Taylor Swift does T Magazine [l.a. rag mag]
ABC wants Adam Lambert back [betty]
Leighton Meester performs at the Kiss FM Jingle Ball [drunken stepfather, link NSFW]
OMG The NY Post ran a pro-gay-marriage cartoon! [kenneth]
David Huebner is the third openly gay man to be sworn as U.S. ambassador to a small, far away country that no one thinks much about [towleroad]
Russell Brand wants to have babies with Katy Perry. Like stat. [anything hollywood]
OMG vote for the best gay bar of 2009! [gaycities]

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    he’s still very sexy but has no taste! poore suri…

    Suri is dressed with a tipycal andalusian dress, not as a drag queen, and she’s very cute dressed like that.

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