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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, He’s Naked: Hugh Jackman !!

Okay, okay, so I was wrong. I am perfect enough to admit my mistakes!
Anyway, much to my surprise and contrary to my example from yesterday, it turns out that Hugh Jackman has indeed showed his (admantium laced???) weiner on celluloid. I mean, assuming . A helpful tipster (thanks veg!) sent me the following screencap; I have no idea what movie it’s from, so please let me know.
Despite my error, my point from yesterday basically stands. NEVERTHELESS! Click after the jump for the D you so desire!


(Click for more nude male celebs)




    him or not those potato size balls are somethin!! lol i wanna tea bag 1. ahahaha

    I’m calling shenanigans on this already.

    Thats from a movie way older than jackman

    This pic has been floating around on the internet since forever, so I am surprised you’ve never never seen it before.

    The general concensus is that this is not Hugh Jackman though. The exact reason for this I can’t recall exactly, but I think is is because nobody can tell which movie this is from and you can’t see his face very well, so it might be anybody

    I’ve seen the movie it came from but I couldn’t remember the name. If I recall, it’s a straight porn film with amazon women dominating some sort of hidden society when a random guy with two female friends stumble upon them by accident. *insert cheesy music here* It was late 80’s, I think.

    Sadly, it is a old fake.
    It does, however, follow the convention that he has to have really big balls. For example:

    YOU got JACKed MAN. Too bad, this is the position I have always fantasized about finding him in. Nuts.

    That scene is from a movie called “Welcome to Woop Woop.” It’s an Australian movie, but it does not have Hugh Jackman in it. You are looking at Johnathon Schaech. Believe me on this.

    this picture is at least 8 years old. there is an urban legend that pic is HJ, and that the movie is Red Sand, but no such movie exists (according to IMDB and Google), it that really don’t look like Hugh. But we can dream…..

    oh if only Santa would have been so kind to give us all the present we really want…too bad the Grinch teases us with this fake! lol, i find it doesn’t look like HJ at all, plus he’s not hairy enough 🙂 Maybe one day those film bits from him nude in Wolverine that were cut, will make it to the net some how….pleeeeease!!

    That photos been around for at-least 30 years, if not longer. I remember and lusted after that bound guy back in the late 1970’s when in college.
    I think it’s a “physique” photo from the AMG-era when gay porn was still called nudist magazines.

    I think this picture is from “SEBASTIANE”(1976), a fim directed by Derek Jarman, or from “CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST” (1980), by Ruggero Deodato.

    This is definitely not Hugh Jackman.

    Hugh or not, that guy has a beautiful package!

    I don’t care if it’s HJ or not. Either way, I would ride that man tied up like Gulliver ANY DAY, ANY TIME, and ANY HOLE!

    just great !!

    I love hollywood and all male gay hunks….

    WARNING: This photo is fake! Once again: This HUGH JACKMAN nude photo is fake. Hugh Jackman has never been frontal naked! Check this blog: http://www.ipbsf.com/ and you can see the original pic is Johnathon Schaech.

    Think this may be from the movie: Australia.

    It’s not Hugh Jackman or Johnathon Schaech, and FYI I’ve seen all the movies mentioned below, including Welcome to Woop Woop, and it’s not from any of those.

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