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!! OMG, How Bloodthirsty: Ladies !!

Because this blog is read mostly by ladies and gaydies, and because gays are kind of like ladies, and because it’s important for a lady to know how to shoot and kill her prey, we at OMG Blog bring you the above video about gun ownership as a public service.
I know it sounds totally zzzs, but it’s actually a lot like an episode of Sex and the City, just with more bullets and fewer BJ’s.
(Everything Is Terrible)

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    this vid had everything…”Jeff, glad you’re home. Could you come over? Gary’s not home…” Mustaches and muffs.
    Everything but the porn. The clip had some innuendo…or maybe I should get my mind out of the gutter.
    Thank you for providing me with a good giggle for the week. 😀
    BTW Those don’t look anything like the bitches I see at the range.

    i don’t know what your circle of friends is like, but the gay MEN i hang with are NOTHING like ladies.(thank you, jeebus!)
    that said, this guns-for-dummies clip is a hoot.

    She reminds me of a young Jane Fonda

    OMG, Bmad, this is totes the best video you have EVER posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This bitch can dish out the FEVER!
    TOTES AMAAAAAAZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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