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!! OMG, How Decorative: Celebrity Desktop Wallpaper !!

Hey celebrities, there is a new thing called the internet and it is very important to be “on it” in order to “brand yourself.” This means a few things.
One: you must have a Tweeter.
Two: Make sure you update your IMDB entry with fascinating bits of “trivia” regarding your personal life and background. DO NOT NEGLECT MUNDANE DETAILS REGARDING YOUR PETS!!!!!!
Three: (This one is most important!!!!) Your professional website must offer something called “Wallpaper” for your fans to use to spruce up their computer desktop backgrounds. “Wallpaper” should be as garish as possible. If it looks a Soviet teenager’s prom photo, you know you’re on the right track!
If you need a few examples, please investigate the gallery being offered at Urlesque, which helpfully compiles the most beautiful and classy examples of the celebrity wallpaper form.

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