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!! OMG, Look Like a Pandoran !!

Like many people i know, I was totally depressed after watching Avatar. Why? Because I don’t live on Pandora, where life seems so much better!
Well. If I can’t live on an alien paradise and sleep in one of those little tree pod thingies, at least I can look like a Pandoran with this helpful Avatar makeup tutorial from Glow Sparkle.
(Via Lady Bunny. By the way, if you don’t already read Lady Bunny’s blog could you please not start cause I get basically everything good from there.)

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    You totally rock! I think you’re awesome – I think that it takes balls to do what you want and just put it out in the world! I admire you and hope you find all the things in this life that make you happy. Have a great day!

    HAHA! That girl was hilarious…her other vids cracked me up too! LOVE HER!

    Actually this girl’s videos are really funny. She does a send up of Kate Goslein that’s hilarious!

    Yeah, she’s looking for her own man in a wheelchair cause he won’t be able to run away!

    “that doesn’t make me a wannabe”

    Avatar is the worst movie ever made !!!

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