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!! OMG, Protect Marriage by Banning Straight Divorce! !!

Voice your support for the 2010 Marriage Protection Act to ban opposite-sex divorce in California! Because straight people shouldn’t be allowed to be total hypocrite pigs.
(Via Queerty)

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    Thanks so much for posting, guys! Yeah, it’s a very serious subject, but we were trying to inject a little levity.
    John, we were purposefully trying to emulate the performances in PSAs that always pop up. I can assure you that the actors involved are quite skilled.

    Such a funny video!
    A funny video that hides a very sad reality. But what can we do? At least we smile and we fight with all our strengths

    I love the concept and the message, LOVE IT, but the thing I love even more? FIRST YEAR ACTING STUDENTS!!! YAY UNCOMFORTABLE PERFORMANCES!!

    Too funny. It had me going there for a minute. I just came back from Cali and I would not put it past a group of Californians getting together to try and ban divorce.

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