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!! OMG, they published a peen: Metro newspaper !!

Some students from St. Peter’s high school in Peterborough, ON got randy in a fountain at the annual Kinsmen Santa Claus Parade and the Metro Toronto newspaper was there to capture all the action, including a kid that had his cock out. Some photo editor somewhere is getting fired.
We’re not posting the photo here in case he’s under 18, but you can take a look over at Torontoist if you’re curious.

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    does anyone know where you can get the unedited version? He’s soo good looking!

    where can you find the unedited pic…. this guy is so good looking!

    HOSNAP. And beefy, too.
    I think he’s a shower. Cold water and he’s still packing? Anyway, UNF.

    he is definitely hot. He should be proud that got published!

    Seriously doubt he’s under 18, more like he’s in his 20’s.

    he’s hot! And looks like a fatty…

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