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!! OMG, he kissed a boy: Bradley Cooper !!

You probably remember Bradley Cooper from his recent role in The Hangover, but you probably don’t remember him taking it up the butt in a sweaty round of shack sex in the comedy Wet, Hot American Summer.
Watch the mostly SFW but still sexy clip after the jump.

(Thanks to Margot for the tip!)

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    I’m a big Bradley Cooper fan so I took the bait and rented this movie thinking that it had a good cast, and there might be at least one hot scene… but don’t waste your time! The movie is unwatchable and the sex scene with Cooper far from erotic

    Haha: I have a picture of Michael Ian Black in those short-shorts hanging on my wall. I don’t care, I think he’s hot and this clip was just as steamy.

    And he’s doing it with Michael Ian Black! woohoo!

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