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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, He’s Naked: Nick Gonzalez !!

Picture 41.png
TV hunk Nick Gonzalez– from Melrose Place, Resurrection Blvd, and a ton of other crap– got naked for some art photo book, Greg Gorman’s As I See It. See his nude, exposed thing and amazing body after the jump. NSFW, duh!
Thanks to David for the tip!

Nick Gonzalez.jpg

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    HOLY CRAP! What a package… .and i don’t mean just the body!

    This picture along with a few others were posted on here Sep 17, 2006.

    These have been out there for a while and I have them saved on my home PC, but I still squeal whenever anyone post them. He’s not huge (and how many people really are?), but it’s all lovely.

    This pic along with a few others were posted Sep 17, 2006

    yep, you’re right, sorry about that… i checked for “nick gonzalez” not realizing they’d been posted as “nicholas.” i’ll leave em up for those who didn’t see them back then though.

    Love that bush…I wish the bush would come back!!

    they don’t get much more gorgeous!
    omg, jackoff material for a while! hahaha

    OMG! Bush! I love the feeling of bush rubbing against my lips when i’m sucking dick. I wish there could more people like him. Nice dick (circumsized) and a great body too. Him, Marcus Patrick, Ray J and maybe Christopher Gorham (if he ever did nude shots). Yum! Fivesome. I would let them all stick there dicks in my ass and mouth at once if it meant I could have sex with all of them and suck their huge mutherfuckin’ dicks. I want there cum on my face.

    The man was good enough to allow himself to be objectified. Considering that many of us gay men, seemingly, are equally happy to objectify men and lust after their ‘things” the very least we can do is refer to it as it is. i.e a PENIS or his genitals. But then that kinda makes us appear a little base doesn’t it.

    Typical US circumcised peen.

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