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!! OMG, It’s Tico Tico Time! !!

It’s Monday afternoon, it’s disgusting out, it’s January. Basically everything sucks! Maybe a little TICO TICO will put you in a better mood…




    Thanks! I needed this. Now I need to buy an oversized tambourine for rainy days 😀

    what… in the hell. totally creepy.

    I’m not sure what I just witnessed… her skills with that organ were just mesmerizing.
    Who was that?

    Man! “I mean, Lady…” It’s bad when even gays 75 years in the future can tell you were nerdess.

    That was Ethel Smith. A wonderful lady I had the privilege to meet on a cruise may years ago. The great Brazilan bombshell, Carmen Miranda also sang this song in a movie back in the 30’s or 40’s. Okay, you young guys have no idea who she is either…right?

    OMG….and WTF!!!

    OMG! and WTF!!!! o-O

    Wow, she was wonderful! What fun! And, Bob, while I didn’t know who ‘Ethel Smith’ was, I do indeed know who Carmen Miranda is.

    OMG: I actually saw Ethel Smith Live in concert (in 1978!) play Tico Tico. I was a budding faggot playing the Hammond as well, but could never get my Tico Tico speed or flair to her level. She was quite a trip, and even in her 80s, was an excellent organist.

    @RedBackFur – I was forced to check this out, compelled you could say, because my grandmother owned a Hammond B3 and it was a feature in a nightclub she owned. Now I remember why I didn’t follow in her footsteps – can’t hold a fake smile like that!
    As for your comment, those are several words I never thought to see strung together in the same sentence…”80 year old and organist.” LMAO!

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