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!! OMG, Jay Leno Crawls Back to The Tonight Show !!

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In case yesterday’s rumor gave anyone got the impression Jay Leno had some vestige of decency or shame– yeah, no. Still total scum! He just signed a deal to return to the Tonight Show in it’s 11:35 spot.
Sadly this means that neither Neil Patrick Harris, Joan Rivers, nor Snooki– the top three finishers in our poll— will be taking over the Tonight Show.
Yeah, whatever.

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    Omar, have you ever actually WATCHED Jay Leno at 10 PM? Seriously, it’s HORRENDOUS! Unwatchable! Conan is way funnier, and not a douche bag.

    Why is everyone so pissed at Leno? He didn’t do anything wrong. NBC execs fired him when he was number 1 remember? Conan sucked and they are putting things back to the way they were when things were going good. I feel sorry for Conan but Leno is so much better at comedy and interviewing that he is the logical choice. Blame NBC not Leno for keeping his job.

    I think Conan has every right to be pissed! Jay should feel embarrassed and just step down from late night. Conan is funnier anyways. 😉 peace

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