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!! OMG, New Lady Gaga video features dancing gay vampires !!

I would be extremely remiss in my duties if I didn’t post this semi-unofficial new video for Lady Gaga’s TEETH. Shirtless muscle bondage vampires going wild homo! I’ll take these vampires over those Twilight idiots any day of the week.

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    This is a fan video, not an official one and it’s awful and trying way too hard.

    AS IF!!! This ain’t no Gaga vid!! It’s hokey and dumb!!

    Its not a Gaga artistical direction video, Its more some kind of “intro” for a gay porn musical movie XD

    There’s no way this is gonna be a GaGa video. okay, hot guys, but she’s nowhere to be seen and the dancing is the most horrible awkward dancing I’ve ever seen. I’ve heard rumors that Speechless is her next single also. I’m a huge fan of hers, but if this really is the video, she’s lost some points with me.

    Sooo I’m officially a Gaga fan now… hot!

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