That Taylor Swift performance was pretty brutal. Not just “Rhiannon”; I’m sad to say that was probably the BEST of the 3 songs she sang. It has become far too common to hide behind “technical issues”, “personal illness”, “equipment failure”, and other such excuses in music today, when, in fact, YOU SIMPLY HAVE NO TALENT, and no business being on a stage! ESPECIALLY with a rock goddess like Stevie Nicks! Stevie is one of the few pure singers left in the world, one who brings it on stage with no voice tracks, no mixers, no tricks and no lip synching! Taylor Swift, and anyone else in music today, should thank God for the likes of Stevie Nicks, and be grateful that she didn’t punch her in the teeth right there on stage! Studio magic works wonders, just turn on the radio and you’ll hear it. Hardly anyone can sing anymore – just do a little pitch-bending – no one will notice. Maybe not, until you’re on-stage making a complete ass of yourself in front of a musical legend! Equipment misfunction? I don’t buy it! Having no vocal presence at all? That I believe!