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!! OMG, Because He’s Fascinating: Stephin Merritt !!

Hey, someone finally got around to making a documentary about the most dyspeptic man in pop music, Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields. Cannot wait! Oh, also, The Magnetic Fields have a new album out! (My capsule review: just okay, but whatever)
Via The Awl

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    Agreed. Even though his range is limited–probably even more so now, with age–I just can’t get very excited about MF songs sung by people other than Merritt himself.

    I need to see this. I may not like their new album that much, but I’ve always sort of wondered what he was like as a person. And he should have sung Nun’s Litany on Distortion, instead of Shirley Simms. Makes it so much more interesting and more like early MF.

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