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!! OMG, Her Vagina: Lady Gaga !!

“Oh hayyy! Wanna see my cooch?!”
Rah Ah Ah Ah Ah Roma Roma Mama Gaga Oh La La! Our Lady of the Gaga “accidentally” (on purpose?) flashed the audience her lovely ladything during last night’s Brit Awards. YES SHE DOES HAVE ONE! Click on if you really wanna know.

Still don’t believe it? Scroll down to see it bigger. (And click if you want to feel like a gynecologist.)
(Via Drunken Stepfather, link also NSFW)

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    Damnnnn that thang stanks so bad it’s producing it;s own gaseous fumes!!

    Look close queens! It’s part of the costume curled up. I guess IT HAS been a while for you gals!
    Again, Calm down You can’t see anything Shesh.

    you cant even see anything. thats what the tights are for. its just a costume get over it

    OK. If I wasn’t gay before… I’m knocking down the closet door now! Eeeeeew!

    that looks like a nice tight, hairless kitty cat

    If the feeling I just got is the same feeling gynecologists get when they’re down there I truly feel for them….my stomach is a little unsettled now!

    Pierce, it’s called an orbit.
    But anyways that’s actually not her vagina. I’ve seen many pictures of that outfit and that’s ACTUALLY her tan colored underwear, it just curls on the ends. You can even see it in that picture, because her outfit is so sheer, you can see the underwear through it. That being said, it’s absolutely beautiful.

    I think I just tasted some vomit in my mouth…


    It will take more than that to convince me she is a lady lol

    OMG! I really thought Lady Gaga was a drag queen, especially after her appearance on SNL in that stupid wire ball!

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