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!! OMG, He’s Naked: Big Brother’s Steven Daigle !!

Surprise surprise! A reality teevee contestant is doing porn! Well, this time it’s gay porn, so I guess I approve. US Big Brother cowboy cutie Steven Daigle has signed on with Ms. ChiChi Larue to show off his big Texan burrito. Although the movie’s not out yet, let’s take a little trip down memory lane with some NSFW photos of Mr. Daigle to refresh our, um, memories…


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    God all the haters here must be real pathetic trolls with nothing better to do but hate. Sad….

    total middle amercican queer trash

    Steven Daigle looks like anorexic white trash…what a total whore! The guy made decent money with his FORMER job in Dallas. Unfortunately he blew too much of his money on booze and blow, and now he has to resort to pathetic porn. I hope this 36 year old lil’ boy grows up someday…

    His video is finally available!

    I’ll be up for it as long as he doesn’t shave down his body.

    The way some judgy people on here condemn others’ appearances would make you believe that they were Brad Pitt with a horse cock. But a horse-cocked Brad Pitt isn’t on OMGBlog. Some of you are hankering for a reality check.

    Aww, he is cute! He may not all that, but definitely cute nonetheless – and I think the tightie whitie pic is cute! Too bad the gwip pic is so conveniently cropped 🙁

    Cute yet hot. Looks like he has a thick one, too! I’ll be watching

    Not impressed even with the molded penis. It looks nice- but he is not star quality/ CHi CHi just wants the name notoriety and he/she usually has more taste in men- this is probably not a good star choice. Nothing like a cock without a brain and without a smoking body– he does not have one. thanks-P.Fernandes


    yum! i cannot wait!!
    he look like he has a nice thick one too!! lol

    A gay porn featuring someone dressed like a cowboy – wow, I’ve never seen that before…

    obviously, he’ll be the hungry bottom:) he was quite the little wuss on Big Brother (going out and down really fast)


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