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!! OMG, His Butt: Luke Pasqualino !!

Are you guys as obsessed as I am with the British teevee program SKINS? If you’re not you should be– it easily ranks with My So-Called Life and Freaks and Geeks as one of the best shows ever about teenagers. And because it’s British, they get naked all the time! On this week’s installment, slackjawed skater-stud Freddie– as portrayed by Luke Pasqualino– bares his ass in a moment of decadent languor.
Okay, before you click be warned: it’s not the absolute best butt-shot ever. It’s kinda distant and blurry, but I am nonetheless thankful to Skins for its long-term commitment to bringing us even this marginal level of nudity.
Butt after the jump! NSFW!

Click to make the pictures bigger!
(Via Casperfan)

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    I freakin loved that show.

    I gave up on “Skins” – laboured kookiness passing itself off as “edginess” – “Oz” for the kiddie-fiddler brigade.

    Nice. He has kind of a Gael Garcia Bernal thing going on.

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