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!! OMG, how emotional: Whitney at The BET Honors !!

Will the real Nippy please stand up? Was it just me or did anyone else think that Debra Wilson was rushing the stage at The BET Honors during gospel singer Kim Burrell’s (amazing) rendition of “I Believe in You in and Me”? Can there be an award show honoring Whitney Houston every day of the week?

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    That’s one CRAZAY bitch!!

    Damn, Whitney is acting a FOOL!
    The classy thing to do would be to STAY in your seat then stand and applaud at the end, NOT try to upstage the performer….Once a crackhead always a crackhead I guess…..

    I LOVE this!! What a beautiful way to show someone that you appreciate the amazing job they’re doing singing your song.
    But you know if it was Patti she would have grabbed the mic, right?
    It’s not that she’s being rude, it’s just that when Ms. Labelle steps into the mystic she can’t be held responsible for her actions, so watch out.

    Um, wow. You know, getting clean is just the first step. Sometimes the junk does stuff to do your cortex that reduces your ability to distinguish appropriate from obnoxious (see exhibit A: Gary Busey). Nice the crowd seemed supportive, if uncomfortable though.

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