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!! OMG, She’s Part of a Global Conspiracy: Lady Gaga !!

For those of you who thought “Rah, rah, oh la la” was just nonsense babble, think again. It turns out Lady Gaga is an agent for the Illuminati and is trying to control your mind. I mean, or, you know, maybe not. You can read this in-depth investigation and decide for yourself. If you’re not under their control already…

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    LG no presents “her” self as a transformed-for-the-worst shell of humanity. Obviously on strings, does it really matter whose they are?

    good lord. those people have way too much time on their hands.

    I think making that statement is a bold statement especially since there are a lot of Lady GaGa fans out there. I read the comments below that article and it sounds like it’s just an opinion and don’t think it’s fair to her.
    I’m not crazy about her in any way, just thinking maybe the title of that should be changed. I guess her songs always do play out in my head… but the Beatles are there too, and Happy Birthday. lmao
    I don’t think it’s 100% true!!

    yeih !!!!!!!
    i always thought lady gaga was no good
    she is a fem-bot omg,

    If you look for dog shit in the park, you’ll find dog shit in the park.

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