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!! OMG, The American Public finally makes up its mind: No homo but gay is yay! !!

So it turns out that people are totally fine with gays/lesbians in the military— just not “homosexuals.” I can understand that! Who wants to share a bunk with someone who’s anythingsexual? Clearly that person will be masturbating all the time. Gays, however: big deal! That just means happy, right? The poll didn’t ask about fudge-packers, pansies, fags or those that are strictly dickly,

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    Don’t be ignorant. They interpreted the options of “Homosexuals” as gay men and “Gay Men and lesbians” as just lesbians. Trust me, if the poll was “Do you favor or oppose _______ in the military” with the two available options being (a) Gay Men and (b) Lesbians, you’d be seeing some very different percentages.

    this is so funny, people automatically hate something because of word when really they may not no what it actually means.

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