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!! OMG, Turn Around and Bend Over: The gayest sitcom you forgot all about !!

Remember Small Wonder, the embarrassingly low-budge syndicated sitcom from your childhood about a girl robot named VICI?? WELL, several of my prayers have been answered, because it’s finally out on DVD! Not just that, but (the almost annoyingly brilliant) Rich of FourFour has compiled the above reel of its gayest moments.
Rich also reviews the first season over at his blog. (Guess what: it’s terrible!) But go ahead– you know you want to buy it anyway.

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    Never cared for the show, because it seemed to be written for 8-year-olds. But I do remember that the brother was gayer than Jonathan on “Who’s The Boss?”

    I loved Small Wonder and I would still watch it. I don’t think it was gay at all.

    Lies! I never forgot. Not only was I just talking about this show on Tuesday but I remember most of the theme song.

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