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!! OMG, Erykah Badu takes it all off in “Window Seat” video !!

The official video for Erykah Badu‘s new single “Window Seat” came out on Saturday and it’s sparked a lot of chatter on Twitter and in the press. Inspired by this Matt & Kim video, Badu shot it in a single-take, guerilla-style in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza, the site of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. “Window Seat” opens with Erykah pulling up in a 1965 Lincoln Continental as a radio broadcast from 1963 describes the final moments leading up to the assassination. She then gets out of the car and walks toward Elm St. and the book depository, removes all of her clothes and collapses next to the grassy knoll.
Following the premiere, Badu led a discussion on her Twitter feed about the concept of groupthink and how individual expression can lead to character assassination – especially relevant these days as the word ‘groupthink’ has figured into many a news article about the healthcare debate in the United States. As a blog that encourages both nudity and inspired social discussion, we highly recommend “Window Seat”.




    ughh i wish i could have been there to see this

    Awesome!! Thanks again!

    first time i was ever glad JFK got whacked.

    she’s trying WAY too hard to be “deep”. the song is pretty generic ‘smooth soul.

    Way to go Erykah! Yes, there are many people in this world that try to be “deep”..I’ve met Erykah twice and never got that feeling, some people are just more connected to the world and their emotions….what makes her deep is that she doesn’t seem to care what WE think, which is what being true to yourself is! Love u E!

    What a dumb cow! Utterly pathetic!

    What a fat-assed chunk! Yuk.

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