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!! OMG, Gaga gets Goldfingered !!

The producers of the next James Bond movie (which will supposedly feature the decidedly un-Pussy Galore-ish Rachel Weisz as its Bond girl, um wha?) are trying to snag Lady Gaga to sing the theme song. Well, she's no Carly Simon, but she'll do.

JK! I'm obviously shitting myself with joy, so hold the death threats please.

[Via Gawker]

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» posted by Bmad on Wednesday, March 31, 2010
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I don't think she's going to be "the" bond babe. She's being cast as the head of QUANTUM, which has been the source of the villian's in the last two movies. So, she's really the big bad. I'm sure they're get someone else to be the big bimbo :)g

» posted by Nick | March 31, 2010 1:26 PM

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