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!! OMG, Gay prisoners love OJ Simpson !!


OJ Simpson's turning into the most unlikely of gay icons-- among the felon set, that is. According to the National Enquirer, Simpson, who's currently doing time for the bizarre theft of a bunch of sports memorabilia from a Las Vegas hotel, has a posse of doting gay inmates who wait on him hand and foot:

With the help of adoring prisoners and guards, O.J. is able to gamble on sporting events, get special privileges - and even receive massages from a group of gay inmates known as "The Girls," says the source...

"He's really tight with 'The Girls,'" said the source, referring to the openly gay transgender part of the prison population.

"Whenever we'd be let out to the yard, O.J. would almost always hang out with them. The 'girls' treated him like he was a king."

While I'm not exactly sure what "openly gay transgender" means, I'm sorry to say that I think I know exactly what The Girls see in Mr. Simpson. (LINK NOT SAFE FOR WORK.)

[National Enquirer via Gawker]

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» posted by Bmad on Thursday, March 25, 2010
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Well at least they are showing him love after what he has done in his life.

» posted by The Padrino | March 26, 2010 5:01 AM

During my time inside I met quite a few guards like her.

More than one of them wanted to get physical during my 'enforced vacation time'.

They get really nasty when you throw up at the thought of intimate contact with them.

» posted by Steve | March 25, 2010 5:12 PM

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