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!! OMG gossip: Justin and Cameron in fresher days !!


OMG Cameron Diaz + Justin Timberlake romantic flashback [popsugar]

Anderson Cooper swims with sharks... AGAIN! [dlisted]

Serena Williams shows us how much muscle you can pack into one bikini [drunken stepfather, link NSFW]

Heidi Montag has an exciting "motion picture actress" career ahead of her following the cancellation of The Hills [superficial]

OMG is Beyonce pregnant? [popeater]

A miracle has occurred on Jude Law's head! [celebitchy]

Zac Efron has hair in new places [l.a. rag mag]

OMG separate barracks for gay troops? [towleroad]

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino throws like a girl [socialite life]

OMG Michael Lohan reality show? [betty]

Lindsay Lohan has a new eye color [icydk]

Ben Folds improvises on Chatroulette [ninjadude]

OMG world's largest man boobs! [tabloid prodigy]

Lady GaGa will brand her own sunglasses following Madonna's D&G collaboration [hollywood rag]

OMG Jesse James' "type" revealed! [idlyitw]

OMG My Fair Lady remake starring Carey Mulligan! [popbytes]

Naked backstage model antics at Jeffrey Fashion Cares 2010 runway show [oh la la]

Google Street View reveals hookers [2leep]

OMG gossip: Britney reveals herself
OMG gossip: Madonna really does do everything
OMG gossip: Where is Gerard Butler's finger?
OMG gossip: Has Lindsay Lohan finally fallen and can't get up?
OMG gossip: Remembering straight Ricky Martin

» posted by Frank on Friday, March 26, 2010
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