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!! OMG, His Penis: Steve McQueen !!

Two days ago, we brought you the King of Cool’s butt and pubes. Today it’s his penis, (which, in its day, was rumored to be one of the biggest in Hollywood) courtesy of gentle reader Michael B.
The picture’s after the jump. NSFW!

Anyone know the provenance of this photo? Is it real?
Although I know that Herb Ritts grew up next door to McQueen, I think (hope?!) he was probably a little too young to be practicing his photography on this kind of subject matter…

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    my vote is for not real. who holds their cock like a cigarette? i’m guessing it was originally a cigarette

    Yes, it’s real. There’s a book of photographs of Steve McQueen — can’t remember the name of the photographer — and it’s in it.

    where’s the pic?

    But who holds their cigarette on their crotch?

    I see no nude except his ass.

    Photo is real, photographer is William Claxton

    uh, scroll up, Chi Chi? It’s there. The ass shot is not even in this post…

    Yes the photo is real, and wait til you see his ass picture!! The photos were shot by Life magazine’s photographer John Dominis, and the story behind them is quite interesting. I posted a whole blog about the pics and many more of Steve in all stages of undress on my blog, along with the amazing stories of his affairs with Paul Newman & James Dean among and all sorts of amazing stuff about the stud. here’s the link if you want it:
    We’ve been celebrating Steve’s rebel style every year for his birthday for the last 4 years on the blog now.
    Happy 80th BDAY in Heaven King of Cool!!!

    Man, if that’s big then I’m a monster of nature

    As an archaeologist, I want to thank you for using the term “Provenance” correctly!

    his penis lookes really yummy!!!

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