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!! OMG, how lesbionic: Justin Bieber !!

Last week, loyal readers will remember, I gave you a quick primer on the topic of “Who is Justin Bieber.
Today, I bring you news of a very important blog: Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber. Note: that’s NOT Justin pictured above. It’s a lesbian! (Actually Dani from Tila Tequila: A Shot at Love or those keeping track.) Who knew a chipmunk-cheeked teen heartthrob from Canada could so closely resemble every swim team dyke on earth!?
Of course, this being the internet, there are plenty of birdbrained commenters with something to say about this comparison. Naturally they’re offended! To wit:

You have to be a f*cking idiot if you think Justin Bieber looks like a fucking lesbian! I mean seriously? First off, if you are a lesbian, you would NOT even be looking his way…unless you’re a pedofile. “The pre-pubescent voice, skateboarding, video games…” If you haven’t noticed, HE’S A FUCKING 15 YEAR OLD BOY. Jesus christ! You lesbians try to give yourself allllll the credit. You’re the ones who decided to shop in the little boys section & skateboard. I’m not even a fan. But in my opinion, I find it creepy how 18-25 year old women claim Justin is “lezzin’ out.” Give me a break.

Hey! Did one of OMG’s valued commenters escape to another blog? Come back here! (Actually I give you all permission to go check out Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber. Thanks to jmzzz for the tip!)

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    haha i love this. i definitely agree that this lil kid looks a bit dykish. what the fuck cares who should be wearing those clothes. boy looks like a dyke. which is insane, i know. but look at him

    Never a party with lesbians!

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