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!! OMG, How Realistic: Paris !!

This weekend was the first day of spring, and the weather in New York was great. Things I did included a stroll across the Williamsburg and a trip to the Met. Things I did not do included a trip to Paris! If you’re like me and you didn’t go to Paris this weekend but would like to see it, I highly recommend the very elaborate interactive tour at Paris 26 Gigapixels. It even includes slightly annoying (but very authentic, I guess!) Frenchy music!

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    The music is La Valse d’Amélie from the movie Amélie.

    The music is a piece from the soundtrack of Amelie, the 2001-ish movie starring Audrey Tatou.

    The music is from the movie Amelie poulain (Amelie from Montmartre in English I think).
    The music is really great in that movie … and really annoying by itself in a loop. But don’t worry typical music in Paris is made by cars, trucks, emergency vehicles and loud tourist like everywhere else.
    Cheers – Mike

    The music is La Valse d’Amélie from the movie Amélie.

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