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!! OMG, How Sensitive: Boys With Cats !!

Cute blog alert: boysandcats.tumblr.com

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    I can see in his eyes, this is the only pussy he will ever want.

    You have to be queer to be sensitive and like cats? Maybe he is a human cyborg and the cat has the remote control. Maybe he is bringing home fresh meat for the table by luring the animal with the bell on the collar. Maybe he is animal trainer for the home-school circus family – The Fabulous Sesitive Performing Cat People from Romania. Make your box a little bigger and then think outside of it. Or get a catbox and crap on/in that.

    Shouldn’t that be ‘queerssandcats.tumblr.com’?

    Awww he’s adoreable! The cats cute too lol.

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