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!! OMG, Just a little bossy: Ricky Martin’s boyfriend !!

Ricky Martin’s boyfriend is a man after my sounds like my kind of guy: bossy, demanding, a little bit shrewish. Just how I am in a relationship too!
The Miami Herald reports that it’s actually Ricky’s special friend who forced the star to come out of the closet at long last. He was sick of the undercover lifestyle and threatened to out his boo if Ricky didn’t do himself.
What’s a Latin singing sensation to do?
[Via Towleroad]

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    What kind of “love” is that? I will out you if you don’t do it yourself! That isn’t love, that’s why everyone says gay love isn’t real. Real love isn’t gay. It’s unconditional forever and doesn’t start as lust or opportunity

    now i’m living “la vida loca” he is soooooo hot

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