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!! OMG gossip: 'Detail's' will suck your blood !!


Three Details covers this month, each featuring a different True Blood hunk [dlisted]

Some people still think Taylor Lautner is interested in women [socialite life]

The Westboro Baptist Church is too hateful for the KKK. Yes, really. [towleroad]

What baseball player is Rihanna dating now? [betty]

Persistently wet-looking, chubby greaseball Brandon Davis calls ex-girlfriend Mischa Barton "fat" on Twitter [bwe]

Drunk stripper crashes a car into her place of work [drunken stepfather, nsfw]

Demi Moore is "letting herself go" [lainey]

OMG drunk babies! [cityrag]

Leighton Meester is now single. Get in line, boys! [celebitchy]

OMG tiny Mexican wrestlers take a beating and give it right back! [uncoached]

OK Magazine has so far been the only entity to succesfully impregnate Jennifer Aniston... TWICE! [amy]

Homoerotic punk twinks are too sexy for the iPhone [oh la la]

Lady GaGa's Australian itinerary has been leaked to the Internet, including her free time [allie]

Robert Pattinson takes on a decidedly less sexy and vampiric movie role. I'm not a fan of the center part. [popsugar]

OMG take the Jersey Shore casting questionnaire! [popeater]

Playboy does not want Kate Gosselin [superficial]

Lindsay Lohan models new 6126 leggings [l.a. rag mag]

OMG Naked & Famous has made Kevlar jeans! [kenneth]

The owner of gay Mormon porn site has been getting death threats from LDS mebers [bilerico]

OMG college dining hall serves fried chicken that's raw on the inside! [tabloid prodigy]

OMG gossip: Remembering straight Ricky Martin
OMG gossip: Matt Dillon looking for gay experience
OMG gossip: Where is Gerard Butler's finger?
OMG gossip: Ryan Phillippe has still got it
OMG gossip: Abercrombie wants you (or maybe them)

» posted by Frank on Thursday, April 8, 2010
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