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!! OMG, he strips: Road Rules’ Dave Giuntulo !!

Hey, remember Dave from Road Rules: South Pacific? No, me neither. Who the f*ck can keep track of these people? Well, anyway, whether or not you remember him, he’s kinda hot, and after the jump I’ve got some screencaps of him doing a bump and grind in a sexxxxy g-string. NSFW!

Click the pictures to make them bigger!

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    ha! i remember him from real world. but now he plays on the tv show Grimm on NBC. he’s actually pretty good

    I remember seeing this on TV from a long time ago! This was some sort of challenge they had to do on Road Rules, so it wasn’t as if he was doing something “extra” on the side… He was pretty hot though, in that boyfriend material kinda way. Wonder if he’s more husband material now…

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