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!! OMG, He’s Mostly Naked: Tony Panici !!

Skateboarder Tony Panici from MTV’s Life of Ryan got frisky with his girlfriend in a hotel recently, and surprise, surprise! The pictures have wound up in my inbox! Now don’t get too excited– while Mr. Panici is technically nude, he’s covering the important parts with one of those ugly hotel comforter thingies. But I’m posting the pictures anyway because they’re still pretty sexy. (I have a thing for people covering themselves with sheets, go figure!)
The pics are behind the jump and even though there’s no peen, it’s still NSFW, so be forewarned.
Thanks to Charles R. for sending these our way.


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    Holy sweet Mary Mother Fuck!! What he couldn’t turn around and give us at least an unobstructed view from the back? Would love to the ass that goes with that body MMMM *licks lips*


    wow, hes kinda hot

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