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!! OMG, He’s Naked: Que from Day 26 and Making the Band !!

Just in case you still thought the boys from Day26 and Making the Band were just fresh-scrubbed young crooners, naked pictures of yet another (link NSFW!) one have leaked. This time it’s Que. And when he leaks naked pictures, he doesn’t fool around. They’re after the jump and very very NSFW, via TabloidProdigy.

[Via TabloidProdigy]

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    Icky. He’s just……icky. Not that I don’t appreciate every last effort made to expose celeb frontalness and all that. But he’s icky.

    hot, why are you guys reading this at work anyways. the ad’s are just as explicit.

    OMG thank you for letting us know. FIXED. So sorry to anyone who saw peen at work!!

    They’re not after the jump, they’re right on the main page! Luckily I’m at home, but you may want to fix the pictures for those who aren’t.

    Erm if they’re that NSFW I would’ve thought you wouldn’t put them on the front page of the site 😐

    Thought you should know the photo you posted off the main page was NSFW.
    Love your blog!

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