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!! OMG, so next level: Grace Jones live at the Royal Albert Hall !!

Judging from the photos, Grace Jones’ one-off concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London earlier this week was a terrifyingly demented spectacle (and that’s a good thing, of course). During the show, the 61-year-old ’80s icon dazzled the crowd with an array of impossible outfits by Japanese designer Eiko Ishioka, including a Jamaican-colored Egyptian headdress and grass skirt combo, a ballooning crystal onesie and a flaming one-sided dress shaped like the Angkor Wat, which she wore whilst sucking back an entire glass of red wine through a matching red straw in one go.
Check out a few photos after the jump and even more via the blog Fred Butler Style. (via The Fader)


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    I was waiting for someone like J. to write that Lady Gaga bullshit. Grace Jones + Madonna = Lady Gaga.

    Grace Jones is cool to look at, but her music sucks, Gaga is the whole package!
    Grace didn’t “invent” this style, She was inspired and worked with a team just like Gaga does.
    Cheers to them both!

    Gaga doesn’t come close, even do I love her.

    yes but she can’t sing or I haven’t seen her play the piano

    the original gaga

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