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!! OMG, Gross! Gay Twilight features twinks, blood !!

Well, you knew it was coming. In fact, what took it so long to get here? I am, of course, speaking of Twinklight, the gay Twilight porno. (Call me when the gay Baby-sitter’s Club porno comes out– with early 90’s nostalgia at an all-time high and the recent rerelease of the books it can’t be too far off!)
Anyway, I would say that Twinklight looks hot except, uh, ew, blood? I know it’s a vampire movie and everything but was that really necessary? Gross! Also, as everyone knows, the whole point of Twilight is that there’s no sex– gay or otherwise. A real gay version of Twilight would just feature a bunch of longing gay embraces.
The trailer’s above, and while there’s technically no nudity, there’s a lot of gay writhing and fang-baring, so it’s probably not the greatest idea to watch it at work.
[Via Queerty]

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