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!! OMG, He Does the Weather: Paul Lynde !!

Back in 1978 WSPD in Toledo, OH, foolishly let Hollywood Square Paul Lynde do the weather– and hijinx sure did ensue!
Why can’t Sam Champion be more like this?

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    Why can’t Sam Champion be more like this?
    Because Sam Champion has been neuter by Disney/ABC/GMA to be a non sexual being. Just like Robin Roberts.

    That was great!
    Go to youtube and search for “Judy Tenuta weather”. She goes wild doing the weather forecast in Columbus, OH.

    I love this clip… and I remember it! Grew up near Toledo- and that’s Randy Price, an openly gay newsanchor, now working in Boston.

    Probably was on a Kenley Players tour. Good Lord haven’t thought of those shows for years. When he was in Columbus he would visit the Kismet and sometimes throw wild parties after the bar closed.

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