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!! OMG, He’s Naked: Guillermo Diaz !!


Guillermo Diaz has been in just about everything ever, but to me his most memorable role will always be one of his earliest ones, in 1995’s classic Party Girl as Parker Posey’s DJ roommate who flips out when she reorganizes his record collection according to the Dewey Decimal system. Then they smoke in the shower together.

Well, Party Girl was 15 years ago and Mr. Diaz has long since gone from boy to man. Now he’s totally naked in the pages of the fabulous Pinups magazine– and it’s not just any naked picture either: it’s giant! According to the Pinups website, “Issue 12 features 26 black and white images over 56 8″ x 10″ pages which can be tiled to form a 32″ x 70″ image of Guillermo.”
The magazine’s not out yet (preorder here!), but we’ve got the completely naked photo after the jump. NSFW!


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    It’s not looking good.

    Parapapapaaa… I’m loving it!

    Yum…he’s hot…love that uncut cock!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! He was not mutilated at birth so that bothers so many guys who do not understand the pleasures of being intact!

    I’m sure he’s a grower. I like that he’s got a very cute face and a regular person body.

    He can get it!

    OMG for fuck’s sake Bob quit it with the circumsised/uncircumsised bullshit!

    agreed, jeremy. not to be a total pollyanna, but can’t we all just get along with each others’ penises?

    omg party girl watch it almost every week just got into it this year lol i know late bloomer but its a good movie but damn did he get fat or what….? imitate a cat puking lol funny part

    who cares about penis?all i want is a good tongue and small penis’s are cute 🙂

    he’s openly gay too-at least according to his myspace which has a few pictures of him & his boyfriend.

    I’ll take an actor who can ACT with a normal body than a model any day. Guillermo be nummy.

    FINALLY – some of the commenters here speaking up for normal penises. enough of the god damn size comments.

    Rather bleh

    The interviews I’ve read seem to show that Mr. Diaz is a smart and funny guy who’s comfortable with himself– that’s a trifecta in my book. Give me a man with those qualities and I wouldn’t care if he had an extreme case of micropenis.

    I’ve had a crush on him for the longest time. He is gorgeous!

    Maybe he’s a grower and not a shower…..ya never know….

    Smart, funny, and absolutely adorable. Loved him in Stonewall, and am still in mourning over the cancellation of Mercy.

    fat and gross. This guy literally makes me sick. Why did you post him?

    He’s so gorgeous! He was very good in ‘Weeds’. Beautiful eyes, too!

    He should have chosen a better, talented photographer. What? Did his cousin promise to do them for free?
    I would want to fuck the man in the color photo.
    These? Maybe if I were drunk enough.
    Consider your star image, dude!

    I’ll pass on Uncle Fester, thanks but no thanks.

    I had a huge crush on him in Party Girl, and for many years afterwards. Now? Not a chance in hell.
    Here’s a hint to all of you young, hot performers. Do your naked/sex photos now, while you’re still hot. Release them when you get older and not so hot so as to rekindle your career. Or release them now, that’s cool too. But kids, what you see above? Do not try this at home.

    they showed the worst picture of him, and also, he was not hard, other model possed hard. and as mentioned before, is not the best session, other models pictures were more produced.

    @Dan: “fat and gross. This guy literally makes me sick. Why did you post him?”
    Because very few people care for your taste. Live with it, bitch.

    He doesn’t look half bad. I think anybody is sexy if they like their body is sexy despite what anyone else says. Men are men either way you slice it. I like all body shapes so…yeah. You look great babe.

    I think he’s an extremely talented and handsome individual. All you guys complaining that he’s fat should probably look in the mirror. I doubt the majority of you are rocking a 6 pack. Gay men can be so embarrassing with how superficial they are. Guillermo you’re fucken hot.

    i love him ALL of him sooooo sexy !!!!!

    I think he is great!

    Hot! Hot! Hot!

    Beautiful man, have a major crush on him!

    Unless this article was written five years ago, it’s been 20 years since Party Girl was released. (2015-1995=20)

    Well, just saw the date of the first comment. This is why it would be helpful for the author of the article to include a date that the article was written.

    Hi David, the pub date is at the foot of every entry. Thanks for commenting! We always like to hear from you. -Frank

    Absolutely gross.

    Some of you people are pieces of shit. If you like your guys to have ribcages showing, then go cry on your supertwink Tumblr. Most people would love to wake up next to this, and he’ll never have a problem finding a man to suck on his dick. Good looking man, Guillermo is.

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