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!! OMG, How Cute: Fat baby antics on a tile floor !!

Every time I post a video like this someone inevitably ends up leaving a comment along the lines of THAT BABY HAS NO BONES IN HER LEGS HOW DARE YOU MAKE FUN OF HER YOU PIG. But as far as I know this baby looks perfectly happy and I’m not making fun of her! I think she’s great. (I do hope she has bones in her legs but if not she seems to be having fun with the situation.)

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    she doesn’t have sirenomelia. her skull is deformed and she has joint laxity. those two things don’t occur with sirenomelia

    Maya, you’re a fucking idiot. The little girl to whom you’re referring died several months ago.
    Do your homework before you decide to reprimand people & generally be a self-righteous cunt

    as DGilbo has pointed out, this child used to be called the “Mermaid” due to being born with her legs grown together. She has since undergone a surgery to divide the legs and the surgery was successful. It will take a loong time until the little girl will be able to walk normally
    So please stop making such comments if you do not know what it’s all about 🙁

    It’s seems that she is speaking in portuguese from brazil, she is saying sometinhg like: “I’m crazy…. its true…” And the woman in the background tells her to look to the camera.

    I think she has a very sensitive clitoris. My niece was “rolling and tickling” at a very early age.

    I don’t know what she has, but she is not genetically ‘normal’. Something is wrong with her. Look at her huge head and large forehead. The wide set eyes… Weird.
    What language was she speaking?

    Cute my ass. That shit is terrifying!

    THAT is the stuff nightmares are made of…


    i think she has osteogenesis imperfecta

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