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!! OMG, How Informative: James St. James interviews Chi Chi Larue !!

The lovely and charming James St. James sat down with legendary porn queen Chi Chi LaRue, and not only is the conversation fascinating– touching on topics such as gastric bypasses, Joey Stefano, and Madonna being a total bitch– but there is also peen galore. Oh, hey, I thought that might reel you in. I know my readership by now!
The video’s NSFW, so beware!

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    It looks as though Chi Chi has lost weight!

    Why is this James character still famous? He’s annoying and not funny at all… Chi Chi person seems really sweet, though! I can’t believe he’s 50!!

    Wow, not 5 seconds in for the first lie! What a crock of shit. End – to – end.

    Chi chi looks awazing you go girl!!

    Pierce, how astute you are! Is your computer’s audio setting on mute?

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