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!! OMG, how practical: 2-handed great sword !!

If you’ve been wondering how you’re going to slice through all those pig carcasses you have lying around your basement, the Cold Steel 2-handed great sword could be the solution. What reach! What sharpness! Just don’t watch this video while you’re eating lunch. (via Uncoached)

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    Thats an awesome sword, and if I was around a few hundred years ago I’m sure it would have come in handy. But whats the point of it today, if your walking down the high street with one of them strapped to your back, it wont be long before the cops appear and either tazor your ass, or shoot you dead on the spot.

    I’m totally posting this on my LJ for all my bar friends. They will likely wish he was shirtless.
    I have to admit that would have spiced this up a bit.

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