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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, It Might Be His Penis: Bow Wow !!

…But considering the incredibly baroque and implausible story that some lady has posted with the picture, I have a feeling it’s just a random D.
Still, if you want to see a disembodied erection that this ho claims belongs to Bow “Don’t Call Me L’il” Wow, it’s after the jump. NSFW!!
Thanks to CB for the caps!

Is it Bow Wow’s weiner? Who knows! (Probably not.) But in the interest of justice, I beg any readers with information regarding the provenance of this peen to please step forward.

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    I would so suck on that shitt!!

    That’s gotta be one of the grossest dicks I’ve ever seen.

    The length and curve… his name should be Ow Wow!

    sadly, i have found, that a penis with that sort of curve does not fit well into any open crevice.
    it doesn’t take away from my appreciation of the fine works of mr. wow.

    Bow Wow or not, that is one beautiful dick.

    I wouldn’t suck that dick if I was suffocating and there was oxygen in his balls!

    Bent Out of Shape and btw…Circumcision is So Unnecessary and Disgusting!

    i was wondering when the foreskin police would show up!

    Come on,You can’t defend this…it looks mutilated.

    damn, the pro-foreskin nazi’s have come to nag about yet another dick! must they bitch and complain on every message board? i’m tired of you assholes, let everyone jerk off in peace

    Ok,say what you want,this is a butchered up dick.I don’t have time for this…now I’m going to stop writing cos my boyfriend’s Hot Uncut Cock is hard again and he’s poking my backside.

    @Nasty Ass- That’s one of my favorite lines!

    Foreskin lover plz STFU. Some of us actually prefer it cut.

    Emij,Marsy,Bmad-You are all stupid fuck’n dickheads.Genital mutilation is not something to be proud of.So STFU!!!Sorry Zebra,Not all American Gays are stupid or complerely idiotic.It sometimes looks like we’re reflexively rude.Sorry About That!You Are Right UNCUT IS THE REAL THING.

    Gross. Uncut isn’t bad, my boyfriend has a pig in the blanket too! =P

    Wow, it’s so hairy.

    @ JoesJhonson: did I give an opinion on circumcision? no! i just want everyone’s penis to get along!

    I can’t believe that there are STILL men who think cut dicks are for some reason better/less gross or sumpin…
    For real, having a cut dick is like a nightmare.
    Being cut makes the penis waaaayyyyy LESS sensitive, so I feel really sorry to dozens of millons of men in the world that are circumcised,and are NEVER able to feel COMPLETELY.I’m Uncut,never been complained:D

    guys, seriously, you are being stupid and childish… does it really matter if its cut or not, if you prefer any of them you go with that one… uncut is cool in europe, cut is cool in america… so just let it be…
    but marsy, you are a f««kin assh»le. even though someone is pro-foreskin, how dare you compare any of them to nazis. do you actually know what nazi is? coz it really looks like you dont. so just stfu! and shame on you.
    btw: its curving… so sad…

    I actually thought Bmad was exaggerating when he mentioned the foreskin people… I guess not! wow

    Cut dicks are DISGUSTING !!!

    STFU david! Every man should enjoy his penis.It’s not about whose dick is cuter(im circumcised too sadly).Stop Cutting Off Penises!Its sick, cruel and TOTALLY unnecessary.It should be up to the child to decide for himself.

    You know it’s only us homo’s that actually care about cut dicks. Most women actually don’t even give a shit which I give them props for. Who gives a damn if the dick is cut or not? A dick is a fucking dick, when it’s in your ass you won’t see a difference so stop bitching! You American’s are only following what the British gays complain about. Doesn’t make you trendy, just makes you a douche.

    How about the curve baby! Love his d**k.:D

    its promble not you see things on hear when you no its really not but if you have proof you good and bow wow is fine lol and cute lol

    that is a fucking big azz dick and i wish i can fuck that shit


    That is NOT his penis. I do not believe that that little guy is packing all that. And until I see a picture of him and his dick attached, I won’t believe it’s him.

    how long is it i hope that it was his dick

    Damn i wonder how BIG is it

    i will suck that shit all day

    shid i believe it is him dispite how short he is shid like he said in his freestyle wetter big things do come in small pacages i believe lil man is packin i likes..!

    it is good to be here

    bow wow has a big bick

    you are one handson man that could rock my world every day.

    I want to duck him up and suck his sick off

    I like a circumsized 7-9 inch dick I thk bein able to cover the head with the skin on the dick is nasty lookin I thnk bow wow is hot and I suck his dick alllllll nighttttt longgggg

    Bow wow im a boy and i want u to fuck me hard i want to suck ur dick all day and night we wil nerver stp

    You r one HOT guy and your body is excellent and I who love to sample it for a good period of time if you would me get you hard and blow in my mouth.

    YES! I would love to make love to him all night long.

    i would love to fuck him

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