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!! OMG, a contest: win a copy of V V Brown’s comic book !!

If you read our interview with pop singer V V Brown earlier this year you will know that she occasionally moonlights as a comic book author. On the heels of her debut LP Travelling Like the Light, V V has released the first in a seven-part series called The City of Abacus, an Orwellian tale she wrote in collaboration with artist David Allian and illustrator Emma Price.
If you are a US resident and would like to win an autographed copy of the first comic in the series, simply email contest(at)omgblog(dot)com with the answer to this skill-testing question:
What is V V Brown’s favorite Blur song? (Hint: the answer is in our interview!)
We will announce the winner via Twitter. For more on the comic, check out a video preview and interview with V V about her literary endeavor after the jump.

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