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!! OMG, Björk and Dirty Projectors will release a joint EP this week !!

Björk and Brooklyn rock band Dirty Projectors have revealed the details of a 20-minute, seven-song EP to be released this week. Entitled Mount Wittenberg Orca, the songs were originally written for a joint benefit concert they performed last year. The material for the collaboration was inspired by family of whales that DP member Amber spotted off the Northern California coast and 100% of the sales proceeds will go toward the National Geographic Society’s marine conservation efforts.
The EP will be available to buy for $7 exclusively via Topspin.net as of June 30. Here is the tracklisting:
On And Ever Onward
When The World Comes To An End
Beautiful Mother
Sharing Orb
No Embrace
All We Are
(via Stereogum)

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