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!! OMG, Grandpa <3s Gaga: Senior citizen dances to Pokerface !!

Can I do two posts about Lady Gaga in one day? Well shit, I can do whatever I want! This morning we learned that Our Lady of the Gaga is slowly morphing with Margaret Thatcher. This afternoon, in the video above, we learn that even old grandpas like to dance to Pokerface. Which is the more important piece of information? You be the judge!
[Via DListed]

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    I’m playing this after work and a co-worker just walked over and started singing “I need my, I need, I need my hip replaced.” Hilarity.

    Okay, who gave Grampa a bump?

    I don’t know. I think the old guy has way better rhythm and style than the younger kids who join him. To each his own.

    This is almost so awkward that it’s sad.

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