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!! OMG, How Embarrassing: Countess Luann mocked by children on television !!

Poor Mrs. The Countess Luann De Lesseps! She’s taken her Klassy Karaoke drag extravagaaaaanza on the road, and even the interns on the local news shows can’t resist making fun of her on camera! (Watch for them around the one minute mark.)
Don’t fret, Luann! Money may not be able to buy you class– or respect– but who cares about class or respect when you’re rolling around nude in a big pile of hundred dollar bills?!

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    horrible! SHIM needs to work on that voice. I have watched paint dry, THAT was more entertaining!

    WOW, just when I thought that bitch couldn’t get any more annoying! Almost makes Kim from ATL sound okay…

    @ Greg
    Oh snap! 😛

    Apparently, money couldn’t buy her voice lessons either.

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