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!! OMG, how straight: Bridal Diapers !!

Just when I thought I couldn’t be more disgusted by straight people’s disgusting displays of wedding vulgarity, I find out that bridal diapers are the new trend for ladies putting a ring on it. Because why ruin your special perfect day by peeing in a toilet i guess? Or is it that there’s just something sorta romantic about soiling yourself while you’re saying your I do’s.
Who the f*ck knows! Instead of fighting to legalize same sex marriage, can we please just turn our efforts toward getting rid of the whole fucking thing? Think how much the world would improve!
[The Frisky via Crushable]

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    Abolishing the whole stupid thing makes the MOST sense! I mean, misery loves company and frankly, I’m tired of watching all these happy, Gay couples just live the life of RIley, but if I could get out of it the same way THEY can? I’m ALL IN!!!!
    Kust kidding, of course.
    Marriage is for all of us.

    Okay I get that its hard for brides to use the potty with the huge fluffy gown in the way, they have to bring a bridesmaid in with them to help, etc etc. But a diaper? C’mon! That’s just gross. Suck it up ladies.

    For when that huge blancmange of a dress is too big and complicated to get out of, or even to fit through the toilet door.

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